My work explores chronic illness through abstraction.

I live with severe Crohn’s Disease, an incurable autoimmune disease that affects millions of people around the world. 


While this illness can seem devastating at times, I still believe there’s hope. This is why I create. My art attempts to capture the hope I have in a glorious eternity with my Creator despite my ailing body. Each painting dives deep into the physical and psychological traumas of Crohn’s. The disappointment. The rationalization. The hope of remission. The balance of control and chaos lives within each canvas, telling the story of an unpredictable disease trying to be mitigated with medicine.


Ultimately, my work is for anyone struggling to find peace in a chaotic and painful world. It’s for those with addiction, illness, and emotional trauma. It’s for anyone who’s experienced brokenness and yearned for a place where suffering doesn’t exist. I want others to believe there is still hope.