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Crohn's Disease and My Spiritual Life

I know some folks disagree on religion and some folks debate the existence of God but having faith in a Heavenly Father keeps me hopeful even on darker days spent with a heating pad on my stomach while I watch Grey's Anatomy reruns.

It might sound crazy to those people that doubt there even is a God to say that the suffering I continue to go through actually gives me more hope.

But Paul talks about suffering in Romans and tells believers that it produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope. Even through the flare-ups, even through the bad news at the doctor's office, even when I feel alone and unloved, I have hope in the cross of Christ.

The closeness that comes through it all is invaluable and I want everyone to know that God loves you even in times that you feel like he doesn't exist.

Crohn's continues to refine my soul. Suffering has indeed produced hope and for that hope, I am so thankful.

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