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Year 9 - Why I Paint Abstracts

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Abstract art is easily misunderstood. But after going through something as unreal as Crohn's, the allure and amazement of realism lost its appeal to me as an artist.

Painting in the abstract has allowed me to express feeling that I wouldn't otherwise. My hope is that my work inspires others to find comfort and hope amid suffering.

That's what these subliminal movements of acrylic ink, paint markers, and stitching are all about, understanding a world that's so far from ideal.

Life is complex. So are these abstract paintings. And for those that might be on the fence and be hesitant to dive into their own feelings, I'm here to tell ya, you'll be glad you did. In a hyper-logical world that's tries to quantify everything, some things are immeasurable like the human psyche.

I'm excited to share my journey into abstraction because I want people who are afraid or uncomfortable to dive into their own feelings to explore those emotions untethered.

Crohn's Disease has forced me to deal with my feelings. From anger and depression to anxiety and frustration. I've wrestled with it all and found solace in creating abstract art.

Stay tuned. Year 9 is the start of something big.

Until then... check out the originals that are still available in my shop.

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